So what if a credit score isnít exactly up to par? Donít worry. There are various ways to improve a credit score. Experian Information Solutions and Trans Union provided the following tips to create a positive credit history:

  • Print clearly when applying for credit.
  • Consistently use a complete name. Providing complete, accurate and consistent identification on credit applications helps set up the credit history correctly from the beginning. It also minimizes the chance that the credit file will be incomplete or mixed with another consumerís file.
  • Pay bills on time. Most lenders look at the most recent information on a report.
  • Review credit reports 60 to 90 days before making a major purchase (such as a home or car).
  • Minimize the number of credit card offers an individual accepts. By doing this, he or she will in turn help a credit score because each application for a card results in the lender checking the credit history. This type of inquiry by a lender reduces the credit score.

By practicing these tips routinely, an improved credit score is certain.

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